Saturday, March 20, 2010

Staining Our Crib

We have spent the last week sanding and staining our crib so it will fit perfectly with the other dark brown furniture we are putting in the nursery. My sister and my best friend Lindsay we so sweet to help me! We are out of town for a week, but when we get home, we have to do a polyurethane coating and then put it together. I can't wait to get our nursery all set up. I know it will probably still be a while till we have a baby in there, but now we will be ready in case the process ends up being quicker than we expect. Here are some pictures of our fun :) Lindsay and I working hard...

Trying to take a picture of ourselves with our work.
We put the stain on a little too thick so we had to move it inside so it would dry. Don't tell my dad :)

This is how I felt when we were finally done :)

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